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  • Helped found the Character Council of Central Oklahoma for Oklahoma City to succeed as a city of character while working for non-profit organization Character First!
  • Volunteered service to the Oklahoma Ethics Consortium
  • Currently serve as the Assistant Director and Conferences Coordinator for the non-profit Character Inn Conference Center, a facility that primarily serves as a place for churches and other non-profit groups to have events and ministry functions

You would probably describe my life's background as being spiritual, religous, or faith-based. Growing up my father pastored several Wesleyan churches in Colorado, South Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Needless to say, we moved around a lot. In 1993 I went as a missionary to live and minister with my family in an orphaneage in Moscow, Russia for a school year. Dad & Mom homeschooled us children, which was a good thing if only due to all of the frequent moves they made!

After Russia I served with a Christian ministry in Indianapolis that helpded troubled teens and inner-city families. During this time I discovered an enjoyment of films and video production which eventually led me to attend the Christian filmmaking school at Bob Jones University in South Carolina.

One of my heart's wishes is to see and help accomplish positive societal change. This desire has fueled my motivation to do things, like starting a pastor’s prayer meeting when I was 19 to get pastors to pray together for each other and unite in their ministry to the city. At 21 I noticed how lots of people were going to the internet to find humor. I started to provide folks with daily doses of humor and spiritual encouragement. At 23, while working for Character First!, I served to help found and establish the Character Council of Central Oklahoma with the goal of helping our community reach better success and be a greater role model to the other 200+ character cities nationwide. During this time I also became an active volunteer with the Oklahoma Ethics Consortium. Recently I have been working to establish the Break Free for Lunch event, at the Character Inn Conference Center, to provide a weekly forum for spiritual
encouragement specifically related to the workplace.

In addition, I also enjoy entrepreneurial pursuits. One result is, which aids small businesses and entrepreneurs with getting a website. Most companies charge $500—$3,000 to build a website, and then monthly fees for hosting and updates. This can be cost-prohibitive. So, I started to help these folks by creating their website and including hosting, webmastering, and so on, for a flat fee of $45/month. Call if you need a website (shameless plug). :)

When some people learn of my faith-based background, they worry that I am seeking to establish a theocracy or some such thing in this effort to get elected. This is not true. My stance is that religious organizations should not be in charge of government. Government should not be in charge of religious belief. I don’t want Churches trying to pave your road (what a mess that would be!) or government trying to save your soul (perish the thought! — pun intended).

You need a government that seeks to put you, as its citizen, ahead of itself. That is why I don’t care what party you belong to, or what religious or material background you come from, or what color you are, or language you speak, or beliefs you hold: if you have a need I can help you with, let me know. I don’t care if I get elected or not, I’m willing to do what I can to help. As your state senator I am in a better position to serve you and help you be successful, but I’m ready to be of whatever aid I can be right now, regardless. My phone # is 225-6001 and my email is Please tell me how I can serve you. I look forward to hearing from you.

:: Who in Oklahoma is Joshua Jantz?
I have primarily served with and for non-profit organizations all my life.
  • I grew up the son of a Wesleyan pastor
  • Went to Moscow, Russia to live and serve in an orphanage as a missionary family
  • Served in Indianapolis helping a ministry to troubled teens and inner-city families
  • Assisted Bob Jones University's yearbook, newspaper, and filmmaking programs
  • Served in Big Sandy, TX helping a Christian academy that teaches young men how to provide aid during disaster relief and rescue operations
  • Provided council to "Cities of Character" in the U.S. and around the world to help them succeed.