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:: Stop Goverment's Micro-Managing
Did our founding fathers really plan on government telling us that we HAVE to buy health insurance?  Or pay a fine if we don’t? That we HAVE to report any business transactions over $600 to the government? What happened to freedom? Liberty? The right to pursue happiness… without government telling you what your definition of happiness must look like? I fundamentally believe that your rights come from GOD and not from government. You are a citizen… not a subject. You have given government the privilege of power for the purpose of establishing orderliness and to punish crime. Not to run your everyday life for you! I oppose intrusive government. Unfortunately, government tends to naturally encroach upon our rights and freedoms. You don’t need another lawmaker who will look for more ways to regulate your life. You must stand up and say enough is enough! I want your vote because I want to go to work to protect your freedom and liberty.

:: I Pledge As Your Next State Senator…
1. To serve only 2 terms
I want to have the freedom to work for what is right… and too often, doing what is right is sacrificed by doing “what will win me the next election.” By limiting myself I will have more freedom to serve you by doing what is right instead of worrying about what is politically correct. I also believe it is important that my heart stays first and foremost a fellow citizen. Because of this, I intend to continue my entrepreneurial pursuits to support my family (so that I’m not dependent upon a career in government  for my income) and I promise to you that I will serve no more than 2 terms as your next State Senator.

2. To refuse any of my own personal state retirement benefits from the job
Legislators are supposed to be serving you, not voting themselves pay raises and retirement benefits! I don’t deserve a pension from a job that I have worked at only a few years, and only working part time. I will reject or donate all pension/retirement funds from my service as your State Senator.

3. To donate 20% of my State Senate salary to local non-profits and district needs
Now, I’m in favor of fair wages for a fair day’s worth of work. But it’s not right when government workers are consistently paid more than their private industry counterparts. Our job is to serve you, not to gain a cushy job from you. State legislators work full-time only 4 or so months out of the year, and yet are paid more than most school teachers. That’s why I’ll be glad to donate 20% of my salary back to our local community, to make a difference in helping those in our district who need a hand up in life. I will establish a foundation with local district voters deciding who gets the funds.

:: For Freedom
Who doesn’t love freedom? It’s certainly worth fighting for. The natural tendency of government is to think of itself as the “all-end-all.” Thanks to our nation’s founders, we-the-people are the rulers of government in this country and not the other way ‘round. Government’s purpose is to give you a framework and structure from which to operate peacefully and productively. It does not exist to regulate and control every aspect of your life that it can possibly get it’s hands on.

We were born and created to live in freedom. Unfortunately, government tends to grow bigger and become an increasing threat to your cherished freedoms. Sometimes it seems like government forgets you are individual, unique, human, with freedom and liberties coming from God that should not be violated, and instead acts as though government itself is the giver and controller of your liberties.

Fortunately, here in Oklahoma we have a lot of freedom (another reason why I’m so grateful to be an Oklahoman). As your state senator, I yearn to serve and protect our freedoms, and desire to work at providing more freedom, allowing you the pursuit of greater growth, prosperity, and meaningful life.

What better way exists to help you succeed than to make sure you are free to pursue success, and that opportunity to you is not hindered unjustly? Everybody despises being underneath the thumb of a control freak. Yet our government is naturally bent on being as controlling as possible. We must push back against this natural bent to ensure our children and grandchildren can inherit the gift of freedom and opportunity we enjoy. Few acts of service are of greater patriotic importance.

:: For Opportunity
Because of my love for Oklahoma, I want to see us succeed even better, and go further, than we’ve ever gone before or dreamed possible. We have the potential of being THE leading state in our nation in several ways, including the areas of bio-technology, natural gas, energy, small business, sports, smart and innovative government, and even horses! The opportunities in Oklahoma are exciting. Nothing from the government should hinder you from pursuing the opportunity that is in front of you and helping you with the chance to succeed. As your state senator I want to serve you so that I can help remove government obstacles blocking your path.

Some countries don’t believe their people are very capable of taking responsibility… their life is all planned out for them. Fortunately, in our great state and nation men and women took responsibility to make sacrifices and work hard to give us the incredible freedom and opportunity we have today. It is now our turn to pick up the mantle of responsibility, utilize our opportunities, and ensure the precious freedoms and opportunities continue to endure and thrive for our children, their children, and many more generations beyond.

:: On Taxes & Government Spending
Our national debt has increased $4,000,000,000,000.00 (4 trillion dollars) in 2 years. It took over 200 years to amass the first 9 trillion dollars in debt. The last 1 trillion dollars was amassed in 6 months. According to (July 2010 eNewsletter), 1 Trillion dollars is enough money to pay every entire mortgage in this country for 14 months! Or the rent for ever renter for 3 years! In the meantime, our government’s revenues (income from you, the taxpayer) is mostly flat, or possibly even declining. This is national suicide! It has to stop. We must eliminate out-of-control spending, make government more efficient, eliminate bureaucracy, and effect real absolute, radical results. There is no longer time left for tweaking. You need radical results, and you needed them yesterday. It is no longer an issue of saving our country for your children or grandchildren. We must act to save it now! The good news? Our ship is still floating and we CAN succeed in not just keeping it afloat, but restoring it to it’s best glory ever… if we are willing to take responsibility and do what is necessary.

:: On Life & Love
Without life there is nothing. What greater good and higher act of service can government provide than to protect innocent life from those who would regrettably seek to harm or destroy the very existence of our being? See my survey results from Oklahomans for Life.

We need a government full of people that truly strives to serve. Ultimately, however, even the best of government cannot truly deliver that which only we can and must get ourselves, and that which only God can give to us… pure, overwhelming, true, love. It isn’t always easy to understand but I am convinced that God is Love. In His love is also real Life.

Often the service we need most is not to be told the answer or given the solution but to simply be cared for, listened to, reassured, and given hope. Hope births motivation which acted upon brings results. Our friends and loved ones often fall short of being able to reach to the depths of fulfilling this need and longing in our lives. I find my greatest source of comfort and hope in spending time praying and reading the Bible, asking God to show me and reveal to me His peace, comfort, and guidance. I would be delighted to help you find this source as well. If I can ever pray with you please let me know.

:: On Service to Others
If I cannot serve, what worth do I have? Fortunately, to be of service, to give of one’s self successfully, does not require money, education, position, or even time… but a willing heart. As long as I am alive, no matter what my circumstances are, I can always give of my heart. The amazing thing is that the more I give the more I seem to have to give. Without this willing heart, all the money, education, position, or time in the world cannot produce lasting joy or fulfillment. I am far from perfect in applying this, but I am certainly of a willing heart. Please let me know if I can serve you.

:: On Prison Reform
I'm 100% in support of prison reform. Our laws have turned many minor crimes into felony offences, which is not just or compassionate. We also need help with prisoner rehabilitation. There are many needs in the prison system. One could probably prepare for, and earn, a doctorate degree just in studying the needs and solutions for this area alone. I won't claim to be an expert in the subject, but am wholly for reform that will bring greater compassion, rehabilitiation, and success into the system.

:: On State-Sponsored Religion
I am against government or state-sponsored religion. When some people learn of my faith-based background, they worry that I am seeking to establish a theocracy or some such thing in this effort to get elected. This is not true. My stance is that religious organizations should not be in charge of government. Government should not be in charge of religious belief. I don’t want Churches trying to pave your road (what a mess that would be!) or government trying to save your soul (perish the thought! — pun intended).

:: On Gun Control
I unabashedly believe in your right to defend yourself. View my National Rifle Association and Oklahoma Rifle Association survey results.

:: On Marriage
I support having marriage being legally defined as between one woman marrying/being married to one man.

:: On Illegal Migration
I support Arizona's efforts to curb the drug trafficking and criminal industries that are occuring as a result of the illegal migration. I am against the Obama administration's efforts to block Arizona's constitutional right to make their own laws regarding this issue.
:: Why vote for Joshua? Why is he running?
I believe there's something extraordinary about Oklahoma. Although common sense solutions to problems might be obvious to us, they are too often lost by politicians out of sync with reality.  I believe in a reformed government that is more efficient, lowers taxes, and helps to improve our economy.

:: Stop Impending Suicide!
It’s suicide for government to increase it’s spending faster than private sector growth. It’s suicide to raise taxes on entrepreneurs when we need more jobs. It’s suicide to make a state budget that depends on rainy day funds before we’ve solved the problem causing the need in the first place. This must stop! We must act immediately before our children and grandchildren’s futures are ruined by our government’s current lack of spine. I want your vote because I believe government must act responsibly, invokereal change back to our constitutional values, and stand up for our current and future freedom and liberties.